Monday, 16 September 2013

It's an Elephant Parade!

Whilst at the Trafford Centre last a couple of weeks ago there was a rather unique exhibition there which I just have to share with you all.  The exhibition is called the Elephant Parade and is a travelling exhibition that is going around the UK and abroad.  The reason behind these Elephant Parades are to attract public awareness and support in helping Asian Elephant conservation, and what a way to get the public's attention!

There were over 20 elephants at the Trafford Centre, each beautifully designed and painted, some even had all over patterns on!  These elephants are about 75cm tall but there are others of different sizes and even paint your own kits so you can join the Elephant Parade with your own design.

You can find out more about The Elephant Parade at their website here, or follow their official Facebook fan page for more information.  They also have an online webstore where you can purchase these kits or painted elephant models of all sizes.

Now for a little showcase of the ones I saw:

Sunday Best - Anna Masters
 Triumphator - Sophie Coryndon
 Unforgettable Journey - Vicky Scott
 Birds and Blossom - Joanna Martin
 Kiku - Chris Chun
  Elephants Communicating - Ratchakrit Wichaiyo
 Lily Pepper - Karen Hollis
 Than Ying - Karina Choudhrie
 Forest - Claudia Schiffer
 Red Arrow - Richard Powell
Sylvan Sparkle - Lorna Green

If you were to design and paint your own elephant what would you do?

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