Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Favourite Pinterest Boards

For any of you that aren't yet a member (it's free!) of Pinterest, get yourself signed up! It is honestly one of the most inspirational tools you can have.  Even if you aren't a designer the amount of information on there is phenomenal!  I can guarantee there is something for everyone on Pinterest.  

Pinterest is an online tool for collecting information and organising pictures, tutorials or an array of things from across the internet in one place so you can easily go back to them.  It's a brilliant place to collect tons of inspirational images which you can draw ideas from.

So for example if you are thinking about redecorating your house you can have a browse through Pinterest, use the search bar to search for a certain style you would like to go for and loads of images will come up.  You can then 'repin' them onto a board of your own so you have them all in one place! The same for if you like crafts, have a search through and there are some fantastic crafts on there.

Today I'd like to share with you some of my favourite boards from Pinterest

Ones to Follow!
Wini has tons of amazing boards, from patterns to creative spaces, from books to get to craft tutorials, she is definitely one to follow for tons of design goodness!
Majo's Pattern Ideas board is full of design inspiration, I often draw from images I've found on Pinterest, sometimes the smallest object will draw your eye and spark off an idea.
Yaz Raja is a Pinaholic, which is the best way to be =) She has loads on her Pinboards and I especially love her colour and inspire me boards.

Pattern Boards
I'm always adding to my Pattern board (it's my favourite!)
Patternbank literally have boards for any type of pattern you could possibly want, they are very on trend so are fantastic to follow if you like to design to trends.
Inspire Art Licensing is another company I follow and they have some fantastic boards with up trends for the gift and stationary markets
The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers have a combined pattern board which is always updated with new patterns from a huge range of designers
Bethania Lima Designs has organised her pattern boards into specific themes, tons of inspiration here!
Mary Tanana also has loads of inspirational boards, I can't choose which to guide you too because they're all amazing!

My Illustration board is here
Ursula O'Connor has put together a wonderful Illustration board with loads of different styles
Lesley Todd's Illustration Board is wonderfully delicate

If you are ever stuck with colour palettes, refer to Pinterest! The amount of colour thrown your way on these boards is overwhelming!
Julie Ansbro
LAMP-IN-A-BOX's Landscape board is full of gorgeous colour combinations and some fantastic photography, breathtaking!
Yaz Raja
Jane Farnham's Colour board is a delight to browse through too

I've also got a Typography board full of beautifully designed type
Kelly Crossley's Trippy Type board is one of my favourites, she is always updating this and if you love Typography or want to try out making your own then this is the board to follow!
Faye Brown has a wonderful Typography board and a lot of her other boards include type so be sure to check them out.

Other Interesting Boards
I want to draw attention to Wini's blogging board, you can collect loads of helpful information in one place to read later or refer back to when you are starting a blog, or building a website.  You could do this for any number of projects.
Alexia Claire's 'breath taking places' is will show you some beautiful scenes
Sinead Mansell's Packaging and Branding board is full of colour and interesting design

If anyone has any other amazing Pinterest boards please leave a comment!


  1. Lovely collection ... and, very inspiring too !

  2. Hi Emma, Thank you for this useful post as well as the lovely mention!! It is very sweet of you. I agree that Pinterest is very inspirational. I will go and check out all the links you've shared. Thanks again!

  3. Ooh lots of new boards to explore! Thanks! And thanks for including my illustration board too. :-)

  4. Emma, what an useful and well thought post. Thank you for the mention too! :)

  5. Thanks Emma! Great and unique post!